Top Gun: Maverick Takes Flight – Is It Still Soaring in Showtimes?

It’s been over a year since Top Gun: Maverick reignited our need for speed and sent audiences soaring back to the danger zone. Tom Cruise returned as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, proving that defying gravity and ageing gracefully are both within his skillset. But with the initial hype fading, the crucial question remains: are there still Top Gun 2 showtimes available? Buckle up, movie fans, because we’re taking a nosedive into the current state of Maverick’s theatrical reign.

A Soaring Success:

Let’s rewind to May 2022. Top Gun: Maverick landed with a box office bang, shattering expectations and becoming the highest-grossing film of Tom Cruise’s career. Critics and audiences alike were blown away by the high-octane action, emotional depth, and nostalgic callbacks to the 1986 original. IMAX theaters vibrated with the roar of F/A-18s, and theaters were buzzing with the energy of a Top Gun reunion.

But Time Flies By:

Fast forward to December 2023, and the landscape has shifted. Blockbusters come and go, and while Maverick’s legacy remains unchallenged, its theatrical presence has naturally dwindled. Most major theater chains no longer list regular showtimes for the film. However, Top Gun: Maverick hasn’t completely gone AWOL. Here’s where you can still catch a glimpse of Maverick’s aerial acrobatics:

Premium Screens:

IMAX and Dolby Atmos screenings are your best bet for reliving the Top Gun experience in all its glory. The immersive sound and visuals truly capture the intensity of the flight sequences, making you feel like you’re right there in the cockpit alongside Maverick. While showtimes might be limited, the premium experience is undoubtedly worth it for die-hard fans.

Specialty Theaters:

Independent cinemas and revival houses often host classic and cult films, and Top Gun: Maverick’s nostalgic appeal makes it a perfect candidate for such screenings. Keep an eye out on local listings and social media for special Maverick events, where you might even score some themed popcorn or a Goose plushie.

Streaming Options:

If the silver screen seems like a distant dream, fret not! Top Gun: Maverick is available to stream on various platforms, including Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play. While the home theater experience can’t quite replicate the adrenaline rush of IMAX, it’s still a convenient way to revisit the film and savor every dogfight and emotional beat.

Beyond the Showtimes:

Even if you can’t catch Top Gun: Maverick on the big screen, the film’s impact continues to be felt. It revitalized the Top Gun franchise, prompting discussions about potential sequels and spin-offs. Additionally, the film’s focus on fighter pilot training and technology has sparked renewed interest in aviation, inspiring a new generation to take to the skies.


Top Gun: Maverick’s showtimes might be fewer and farther between in 2023, but its legacy remains undimmed. The film’s exhilarating action, powerful emotions, and undeniable cool factor cemented its place as a modern classic. Whether you’re a veteran Top Gun fan or a newcomer swept away by the hype, there’s still a way to experience the magic of Maverick’s flight. So, grab your flight jacket, crank up the Kenny Loggins, and head to the nearest IMAX screen, your living room couch, or wherever Top Gun: Maverick might be taking flight next. Because even after the credits roll, Maverick’s need for speed, and ours for a thrilling cinematic experience, will never truly fade away.

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