My Forex Fund

My Forex Funds is a company that provides funds and resources to traders. This allows them to start earning right away without risking any of their capital. The founder of the company, Murtuza Kazmi, was an early investor in cryptocurrencies. While he was able to make a lot of money, he soon realized that his money was better used to help other traders. His business model was born from this belief and he started offering to fund forex traders so that they could piggyback off of successful traders.

My Forex Funds offers three different types of funding programs, each designed to cater to a different level of experience. The Rapid program is specifically designed for novice traders and allows them to make real profits on a demo account within three months. Traders can even earn bonus profits while trading on their demo accounts.

The Rapid account allows users to trade all the instruments on the MT4/5 platform. The Accelerated account has a 10% withdrawal limit. In addition, you cannot withdraw more than 12% of your account in one pay period. In addition to Forex, customers can also trade CFDs on metals, indices, and other assets.

My Forex Funds has several account options and is launching a forex academy shortly. The only problem is that there are few educational materials on its website. Still, it’s worth noting that My Forex Funds is the fastest-growing prop firm in the world. It started with a simple website and one funding option, but within two years, it has grown to 40,000 traders.

My Forex Funds also offers an Accelerated account for experienced traders. With this account, you can start trading with real money on day one, and you can grow the funds up to $2,020,000. However, this account is much more expensive than the other accounts, and My Forex Funds assumes a higher risk for this account.

Another option for beginners is to rent a trading account. This option offers trading capital for a low monthly fee. However, it comes with strict rules and limitations, and profits are split 50/50. This means you can get less freedom with fewer earnings, but if you’re able to double your trading capital quickly, this option might be the one for you.


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