Forex Factory – How to Get the Most Out of the News Calendar

When trading in the Forex market, the Forex Factory news calendar can be a useful tool. The calendar can be filtered to show only the news events that are considered to have a high or medium impact. This way, you can focus on the events that move the market. To get the most out of this news calendar, you should choose events that are market-moving and set the filter to include medium or high-impact news events.

News Calendar

The Forex factory news calendar allows you to stay informed about the latest news in the forex market. It plots a graph based on historical data and trend lines, and updates automatically. Typically, all data points are plotted, but you can also customize the calendar to see just the relevant news items and their impact.

The Forex Factory news calendar is mobile-friendly and has a handy icon to select the exact date you are interested in. It’s also arranged by currency and can be filtered by the type of news you are interested in.

Trade Graph

Several features make the Trade graph for Forex Factory unique from other forex software programs. Firstly, you can customize its appearance. You can move up or down certain blocks, drag them from one side to the other, or remove them altogether. The arrangement controls appear when you hover your mouse over a block header. You can also copy your Trade Feed to your homepage by clicking on the “Copy to Home” icon that appears on most blocks.

Forex Factory has an extensive collection of news and analysis from the forex market. These are curated from multiple quality sources, including the Financial Economists who monitor the market 24 hours a day. Users can also submit their own stories for consideration. The News block is also customizable, and you can filter stories by category, popularity, comments, and trader replies.

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Free marketing monitoring

The Forex Factory has a free marketing monitoring system that lets you keep an eye on the markets in real time. This service is available on the website and can be accessed from the “Market” section. This section is located at the top of the page and displays related Forex charts in real time. The charts also provide status updates on your trades and current market session times.

In addition to the free monitoring system, Forex Factory provides standard features such as data charts, event feeds, data stamps, and data charts. These features are available to all members for free. This allows for more efficient management of your trading activities. Forex Factory also gives you the ability to use multiple time frames.

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