Demystifying Land Measurement: A Comprehensive Guide to Converting 1 Hectare to Bigha

In the realm of land measurement, two units stand out prominently: hectares and bighas. While hectares have gained global recognition as part of the metric system, bighas remain a prevalent unit in several regions, particularly in India and Bangladesh. Understanding the conversion between these two units is crucial for individuals involved in land transactions, agricultural practices, and property assessments. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of converting 1 hectare to bigha, providing a detailed explanation of the conversion factor, regional variations, and practical applications.

Understanding the Concept of 1 Hectare

A hectare (ha) is a metric unit of area, defined as 10,000 square meters. It is widely used in agriculture, forestry, and land surveying across the globe. One hectare is approximately equivalent to 2.471 acres, a unit commonly used in the United States and Canada.

Exploring the Bigha: A Traditional Land Measurement Unit

A bigha (b) is a traditional unit of area, primarily used in India and Bangladesh. The exact value of a bigha varies depending on the region, with slight variations across different states and districts. However, the standard conversion factor widely accepted is 1 hectare = 3.953686105 bighas.

Conversion Factor: Bridging the Gap Between Hectares and Bighas

The conversion factor between hectares and bighas is 3.953686105. This means that 1 hectare is equal to 3.953686105 bighas. To convert a given number of hectares to bighas, simply multiply the hectare value by the conversion factor. For instance, to convert 5 hectares to bighas, you would calculate: 5 hectares * 3.953686105 bighas/hectare = 19.768430525 bighas.

Regional Variations in Bigha Values

It is important to note that the value of a bigha can vary slightly across different regions. For example, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, 1 bigha is approximately equal to 0.25 hectare, while in West Bengal, 1 bigha is equivalent to 0.33 hectare. These variations stem from historical and cultural factors, as well as local land measurement practices.

Practical Applications of Converting 1 Hectare to Bigha

The ability to convert 1 hectare to bigha holds practical significance in various scenarios. For instance, farmers and agricultural professionals often need to compare land areas using both units for effective land management and crop planning. Similarly, real estate agents and property developers may encounter land measurements in both hectares and bighas during property transactions, necessitating accurate conversions.


Understanding the conversion between hectares and bighas is an essential skill for individuals involved in land-related activities. The conversion factor of 3.953686105 serves as a bridge between these two units, enabling accurate comparisons and calculations. Whether navigating agricultural practices, real estate transactions, or simply understanding land measurements, the ability to convert 1 hectare to bigha empowers individuals to make informed decisions and effectively manage land resources.

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