AERC Stock: A Comprehensive Overview of the Company and Its Performance

AERC or Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. is a publicly traded company that specializes in the manufacturing of composite building materials from recycled wood and plastic. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas, AERC has been operating for over 30 years and has become a prominent player in the building materials industry. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at AERC stock and its performance.

Company Overview

AERC is committed to creating eco-friendly products that contribute to sustainable living. The company’s flagship product, MoistureShield, is a composite decking material that is both durable and environmentally friendly. AERC also offers other building products such as fencing, railing, and trim.

AERC’s Financial Performance

As of March 7, 2023, AERC’s stock is trading at $3.98 per share, with a market capitalization of approximately $47.5 million. Over the past year, AERC’s stock has ranged from $2.10 to $6.80 per share, with a current P/E ratio of 14.34. In the past five years, the company has reported a revenue growth rate of 6.9%, with an operating margin of 2.6%.

Factors Driving AERC’s Performance

There are several factors that have contributed to AERC’s performance, including:

1. Eco-Friendly Focus

As the world becomes increasingly focused on sustainability, AERC’s eco-friendly products have become more attractive to consumers. This has helped to drive demand for the company’s composite building materials.

2. Growing Housing Industry

The housing industry has experienced steady growth in recent years, and AERC has benefited from this trend. With more new homes being built, the demand for building materials has increased, providing opportunities for AERC to grow its market share.

3. Product Innovation

AERC has invested heavily in product innovation, constantly developing new and improved products that meet the changing needs of consumers. This has helped the company to stay ahead of its competitors and maintain its position as a leading provider of composite building materials.

4. Strategic Partnerships

AERC has formed strategic partnerships with other companies in the building materials industry, including lumberyards and home improvement retailers. This has helped the company to expand its reach and increase sales.

Risks and Challenges

While AERC has enjoyed steady growth over the past few years, there are some risks and challenges that investors should be aware of, including:

1. Dependence on Raw Materials

AERC’s composite building materials rely heavily on recycled wood and plastic, which can be subject to price fluctuations. This could impact the company’s profitability if the cost of raw materials increases significantly.

2. Competition

AERC operates in a highly competitive industry, with many other companies offering similar products. This could impact the company’s market share and profitability.

3. Economic Downturns

As with any company, AERC’s performance could be impacted by economic downturns or other external factors that are outside of its control.


AERC has established itself as a leader in the composite building materials industry, offering eco-friendly products that are in high demand. With a focus on innovation, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to sustainability, AERC is well-positioned for future growth. However, investors should be aware of the risks and challenges facing the company, including dependence on raw materials and competition in the industry.

Overall, AERC is a company that has demonstrated consistent growth in the building materials industry. With a focus on eco-friendly products, innovation, and strategic partnerships, the company is well-positioned for future success. However, investors should be aware of the risks and challenges facing the company and make informed decisions based on their own financial goals and risk tolerance.

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